1510, 2019

Water Care Options for Hot Tubs and Pools

Cleaning a hot tub to maintain a certain level of hygiene is one of the quintessential parts of ensuring the most enjoyable experience while bathing. To avoid [...]

1209, 2019

Maintenance of Wooden Hot Tub

In most cases, wooden hot tubs often require exceedingly more effort and maintenance than their fiberglass or polypropylene counterparts. The same is true for fully wooden saunas, [...]

2407, 2019

How do Wood Fired Hot Tubs Work?

To begin with, we should cover the basic system of how fiberglass SPAs with wood-burning heaters work. The primary concept here is to have a beautiful hot [...]

1506, 2019

A Brief History of a Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs aren't exactly the newest invention around. The remains of ancient hot tubs can be found in medieval castles. Perhaps calling them ancient is a [...]