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Outdoor sauna for sale uk

It is difficult to pinpoint when outdoor saunas first came to be, as scientists have found evidence of similar structures dating back thousands of years on nearly all continents. However, the modern structures that we know now as garden saunas can be attributed to the Finns. They popularised wood burning and electric outdoor saunas, which are ubiquitous in Finland, worldwide. It is no surprise that outdoor saunas have become beloved outside of Scandinavia as well – they offer the perfect retreat from fast-paced modern life. What is more, this escape is accessible to everyone – outdoor saunas come in a variety shapes and sizes to suit every garden! See our products here.

Reconnect with nature with a wood burning garden sauna

It is no surprise that wood burning heaters for barrel and pod garden saunas continue to be a beloved choice. Only wood logs can produce that fantastic crackling sound and natural smell, that adds so much to the experience of the outdoor sauna. Harvia wood burning heaters are very user-friendly with a straight-forward design to suit every need. Harvia M3 model has the traditional design with the log hatch accessible inside the outdoor sauna, whereas Harvia M3 SL has a log hatch accessible from the outside. The latter option is especially useful for commercial garden saunas in hotels, B&Bs, and other establishments – logs can be re-loaded from the outside, without interrupting the relaxation of the guests. Compatible with a stainless steel water tank for generating a steam effect.


Enjoy a hassle-free outdoor sauna experience with an electric heater

In certain conditions, in areas where fumes are prohibited, an electric sauna heater is the perfect solution. It takes no time for the sauna to start heating – zero preparation time just set the thermostat to the desired temperature.  At the same time, just like wood-burning heaters, most electric sauna heaters come with sauna stones, thus a steam effect can be achieved. Our selection of Harvia electric heaters for garden saunas ranges from the default 6kW to 9kW and up, to suit every volume and every preference. Note: electric Harvia heaters require a 3-phase, 380V connection.

Outdoor sauna designs: Barrel sauna vs Igloo (Pod) sauna versus rectangular sauna versus vertical up-right standing sauna

The barrel garden sauna is beloved for a reason – it is designed with efficiency in mind. The traditional barrel design takes up less floor space and, due to its cylinder shape, has a smaller internal volume which translates to quicker heating time. The Igloo pod garden sauna, on the other hand, is more spacious and has a higher ceiling. The sloped roof is perfect for mountainous areas and anywhere else with significant amounts of snowfall. The up-right standing garden sauna is very popular among the small garden owners. This type of outdoor sauna takes as much space as a medium-size hot tub. In addition, this garden sauna requires very little time to heat. On the other hand, the rectangular outside wooden sauna has the biggest volume and it can fit up to maximum 12-16 persons. The square outdoor saunas are usually heated by wood-fired heaters since their effectiveness is comparably higher.  To sum up, all the above-mentioned outdoor saunas are great and each person will choose the design which would best meet his needs.


Most popular outdoor saunas` designs at glance

Vertical up-right standing outdoor sauna

  • Designed for very little spaces for 2 – 4 persons
  • Required floor space is less than 2 m2
  • Diameter: 1900 mm
  • Usually equipped with an electric heater
  • Wood type: spruce, larch or thermo wood
  • Different bituminous shingle color possible

Barrel outdoor sauna

  • Medium size sauna with varying length from 2 to 5 m
  • Required floor space is from 4 to 10 m2
  • Diameter: 1900 mm or 2200 mm
  • Usually equipped with an electric or wood-fired heaters
  • Wood type: spruce, larch or thermo wood
  • Can be quipped with panoramic windows
  • Different inside configuration possible (changing room, porch, etc..)

Iglu garden outdoor sauna (most popular)

  • Medium size sauna with varying length from 2 to 5 m
  • Required floor space is from 4.6 to 11.5 m2
  • Size: width 2350 m; length from 2000 to 5000 mm
  • Usually equipped with an electric or wood-fired heaters
  • Wood type: spruce, larch or thermo wood
  • Can be quipped with panoramic windows
  • Different inside configuration possible (changing room, porch, etc..)

Rectangular-square garden sauna

  • The biggest size sauna with varying length from 2 to 5 m
  • Required floor space is from 4.6 to 11.5 m2
  • Size: width 2350 m; length from 2000 to 5000 mm
  • Usually equipped with a wood-fired heater
  • Wood type: spruce, larch or thermo wood
  • Can be quipped with panoramic windows
  • Different inside configuration possible (changing room, porch, etc..)

Possible construction options of outdoor garden saunas

Outdoor sauna with a changing room

A small and cozy changing room in front of the outdoor sauna room is a recommended addition to any garden sauna. With benches on either side and a possibility for overhead shelves, guest can leave their clothing, bathrobes, slippers, towels etc. behind before entering the steamy sauna. What is more, separating the entrance door from the outdoor sauna room with a small 1 or 1,5 meter changing room helps to retain heat better!

Outdoor barrel sauna with changing room

Garden outdoor sauna with a terrace or a porch

A beloved addition to wooden outdoor saunas is a small roofed terrace or porch surrounding the entrance. Framed by wooden benches with backrests on both sides, the roofed terrace is perfect for relaxing before or after the outdoor sauna cleanse, to have a cup of sauna tea and wind down. The benches are crafted from the same wood type as the sauna.

outdoor barrel garden sauna with a porch

Outdoor sauna kit – DIY project for difficult of access locations

Although all of our outdoor saunas are available as fully assembled units, for those yearning for a fun DIY project or looking to install a garden sauna in a difficult access location, the outdoor sauna assembly kit may be the best choice. Ready-to-assemble kits include all of the necessary parts, from the bitumen shingles to the screws. Assembly may take 1-2 days, depending on the size of the outdoor sauna and the number of people involved (we recommend at least 2 people). Garden sauna kits are especially handy for gardens with narrow access pathways or mountainous areas with narrow roads (any areas inaccessible for large trucks) – such flat-packed kits can be unloaded and moved piece by piece.

Reap the countless benefits of a garden sauna

Outdoor saunas provide countless physical and mental health benefits at the same time being an entertaining activity.  A good garden sauna cleanse can strip the body of harmful toxins and regular sauna use helps to improve the immune system, improve cardiovascular activity, and battle stress and anxiety, for some may even help with weight loss. What is more, outdoor saunas are great fun for the whole family or groups of friends. An outdoor sauna is a splendid addition for a holiday establishment as well, providing the guests with the opportunity to unwind and soothe sore muscles after a day of skiing, hiking, or exploring. All these benefits in one neat package – a wooden garden sauna in your back garden. More about outdoor saunas one can find here and here.

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Fasssauna Saunafass bei TimberIN Deutschland

Aussensauna Gartensauna bei TimberIN Deutschland

Buitensauna Aanbieding

sauna extérieur à vendre

Buitensauna kopen

Kültéri szauna eladó

Sauna da esterno a legna

Outdoor Garden Barrel Saunas


Different beautiful designs


With wood or electric heaters


Round Igloo or rectangular forms possible


Increase value of the house



  • More time for family and friends
  • Factory built or kit possible


  • Quite a costly purchase
  • Requires maintenance