In order to enjoy bathing and spa pleasures, you must always take care of your hot tub hygiene. For that, you need to have a special water care sets and filters. They keep the water clean for a long time since they purify water by getting rid of all the bacteria.

Water care sets

Normally, hot tub`s water should be refilled after two days of use unless some water cleaning solutions had been used. No need to worry which is the best product to clean it because you can choose from harsher chlorine treatments to gentler. We recommend using “Aquafinesse”– a gentle care with skin and simple water care set. The tablets in this set contain chlorine, which is the best product to clean the water. You should remember that if you choose a chlorine treatment, then you must choose 316-grade steel oven, that’s how you will save your hot tub.

Filtration systems

There’s a big variety of filter options to choose from, even though cartridge filters and sand filters remain the most popular ones. The difference between those two is that sand filters require less maintenance than the cartridge, as the sand grains can last for up to 5 years. The process is simple – dirty water enters the filter, where it is being cleaned from all small organic parts and debris and then released back into the hot tub.

Maintaining clean water should not be considered as a tedious task – it can be very simple and quick, yet effective.