Why do you need to main your wooden hot tub?

It’s not a secret that wood needs more maintenance compared to fibreglass or polypropylene. That means wooden hot tubs and wooden saunas require more effort to maintain. Even though, wooden hot tubs are 100 % natural and specific.

Swelling of the hot tub

Just purchased wooden hot tubs need to swell in order to keep water inside. Wood absorbs water, it expands and closes the little gaps inside of the structure. It’s necessary to remember that wooden hot tubs will always have some level of leakage. Even though fibreglass or polypropylene hot tubs aren’t natural but they don’t have such leaks.

Usually, the swelling of a new hot tub takes about 2-5 days. The best measure to use during this process is sawed dust or coffee powder. It’s highly not recommended bathing these days, because sawdust is poured in water, therefore, little particles attach and fill the gaps eliminating the leakage of water.

Wood impregnation

The process of impregnation helps to fight against the negative effect to the wood. This should be done twice a year: before the winter and after the winter. It’s essential to remember that only outside of a wooden hot tub should be covered with oil. In this case, linseed suits perfectly.

Moisturization of the wooden hot tubs

Moisturization process for wood is very important, it should be moisturized all the time in order to avoid shrinkage that eventually would cause leakage. If this would happen then you should proceed to swell part again. We would recommend keeping water inside all the time but if the hot tubs need reparation or cleaning it should not be kept without water for a very long time. Also, you should know that the tub doesn’t need to be filled with water up to the very top.

 How to protect wooden hot tubs in the winter time?

It’s necessary to maintain and take care of the hot tub in winter time also. During winter time we recommend to drain water out of the hot tub. It’s not true that small electric heaters attached to filtration can help to keep water warm during the winter. By doing so, you will damage your hot tub. Besides, you have to keep in mind that when water is frozen, it takes about 5 % more space, sadly but this could cause the total destruction of wood. Everybody knows that humidity during the winter time is much higher than in summertime, so basically you have a natural moisture.