Nowadays, with higher-than-usual heating and electricity prices, it might seem wasteful or expensive to keep or use a hot tub. It might even look like a hassle. However, in this article, we will share some tips and advice, which would help you to save on the hot tub running costs.

First, good hot tub insulation is advisable. Our hot tubs come with wall and bottom insulation (except fully wooden models). Such insulation helps to maintain warmth, preventing water from freezing. In most cases such insulation is already included in the price or as a selectable, so we advise choosing it. As well as the inner insulation of the hot tub, a proper lid helps. A properly fitted and good condition lid prevents and reduces heat loss from the water. Heat loss from the top of the tub is the main reason why water gets colder, and you need additional resources in maintaining heat. If the lid is cracked, worn out, or damaged we would advise changing the lid into a new one, because it could be the reason for heat loss. That’s why we would advise you where possible to choose our leather lid. It is fully insulated, easy to handle for 1 person, and is known for its longevity.

Try using a hot tub at lower temperatures. Normally it is advisable, and most people have a temperature of about 40 -39 degrees. You can try out lower temperatures, for example, 38 degrees. It would not change the bating experience but would save some resources or if the hot tub is electricity, then would lower the bill.

Keeping hot tub maintenance is key to hot tub longevity, but also it can help in keeping the hot tub running costs low. For example, keeping filters and jets clean allows water to reach the tub and faster to heat up the water.

Placing a hot tub in a less exposed location is also a plus. At best the hot tub should be located near your home, where all utilities are easily available. As well as it would be noted the hot tub should not be placed in an exposed, windy location – wind and exposure to weather lead to heat loss. Hot tubs should be protected from weather and wind. That’s why placing a terrace or enclosed shelter is the best option.

Using a hot tub in warmer weather. You can use your hot tub in warmer weather such as Spring/Autumn. In Winter it is harder to maintain need temperature, and more firewood and electricity Are needed. In warmer periods the temperature outside is higher, water would heat up faster and there would be less heat loss.

You can save on electricity prices by using message systems less. Both air and hydromassage systems require electricity. By using them less often, not in every bath or for a short period of time, you could save some on electrical bills.



All in all, there are quite a few options to save on hot tub running costs. A main option would be to take care of and have a fully insulated hot tub. As already mentioned leather lid would help a lot in saving heat. As well as smart usage of the hot tub prevents higher prices.