To begin with, we should cover the basic system of how fiberglass SPAs with wood-burning heaters work. The primary concept here is to have a beautiful hot tub that can take away the stress of a hard day at work or simply allow us to enjoy our time with friends. The warmth is generated by a heater for most of the year. In a classic set up, a wood-fired heater always prevails. There are few major kinds of these type of heaters, however, they can all be divided into two groups: installed inside or outside. Nevertheless, nowadays electrical heaters are quite popular and common as well.

Gravity is one of the main components that allow for efficient water heating. Warm temperature moves up the trough and accumulates at the top of the liquid, while the lower temperature remains at the bottom. Using a wood-fired spa, this temperature rotation is continuous. Heaters used in hot tubs are intended to circulate warmth. For instance, there are two links between the heaters and hot tubs that are installed outside the hot tub. One is installed at the top, and one at the bottom. The bottom one is intended to intake cold water from the tub into the heater, where it gets warmed up and then discharged back into the hot tub trough the top one. While heating water, this cycle is continuous. So basically, this is the primary concept if without extra facilities you have a straightforward wood-burning SPA. What is the extra gear that could be used when using a hot tub to boost enjoyment?

Wooden hot tub red ceder with internal heater

Woodfire hot tub with jets?

It should be noted that jacuzzi accessories used today are electrically powered. We give two kinds of jacuzzi accessories which can be called massage systems. The first is the massage mechanism for water bubbles. This air-driven scheme has 12 jets mounted on the walls or the floor. So, from the ground emerges the water waves or so to call the jacuzzi impact.

Hydromassage scheme is the second jacuzzi device. This scheme is driven by water and is fitted with 6 jets inside the walls. Here the SPA impact is horizontal.

Wooden hot tub Deluxe with internal heater

What are the differences between air bubbles and hydro massage jets for the wood-fired hot tub?

It should be stated that using water jet therapy pumps, the greater massage impact is acquired. Not only is it because the device is stronger, but the impact of massage is direct to the body. That being said, it does have some downsides as well. Hydromassage devices are water-powered and must, therefore, be disassembled in winter. If water were to freeze inside the hoses, it may damage them. The massage system can still be used in winter, however, the water must not get the chance to freeze over. The hot tub has to be drained.

In conclusion, if you feel like getting a hot tub of your own, you may find what you’re looking for here. Please contact us if you have any further concerns about wooden hot tubs. We’re going to be pleased to help.


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