Cleaning a hot tub to maintain a certain level of hygiene is one of the quintessential parts of ensuring the most enjoyable experience while bathing. To avoid having to waste vast amounts of water every month by replacing it in the hot tub one should consider the help of water care sets and filters. They are designed to wipe out bacteria, molds, and viruses, as result, extending the use of water suitable for bathing.

Water care sets

These days, there is a plethora of various materials and cleaning systems available on the market. Some methods are considered to be harsher such as chlorine treatments, and some are considered – gentler such as UV-light-based filters. An alternative we offer is the AquaFinesse® products which are gentle on the skin and quite simple to use. This quick-to-use compound is recommended for weekly treatments that balance the pH and alkalinity of the water, as well as, sanitizing all at the same time. An incorporated lavender essence makes the use of a hot tub extra pleasant. Please note, that when choosing to use chemical treatment of the water, one must opt for the 316 type stainless steel heaters, which do not get affected by the chemicals.

Filtration systems

The wide variety of water treatment products is only matched by the number of various filters available on the market. Among the most popular choices, cartridge filters and sand-based filters reign supreme. Sand filters tend to require less maintenance, as the cartridges need to be replaced rather often, whereas, the sand grains can last up to 5 years before having to be renewed. The sand filter cleaning process is uncomplicated and organic: the soiled water goes into the filter, in which the small particles and debris are trapped in the sand grains. The filtered and purified water is then released back into the hot tub.

Discovering a treatment option that works for you can flourish your bathing experience. Before making a choice, it is important to take the rest of the systems into consideration and making sure that they synergize well. It should not be regarded as a tedious task to maintain clean water – it can be very easy and fast, yet efficient.