Camping glamping pod in the garden

What‘s better than an escape from weekday routine to a camping pod in the woods or your garden? Camping out under a starry sky in just a sleeping bag is an excellent adventure, but for those of us seeking a bit more convenience, a camping pod provides just that – the thrill without sacrificing comfort.

Glamping pod – a luxurious way to enjoy the great outdoors

Glamping combines the best of spending time outdoors and modern convenience. The blend of glamour + camping refers to comfortable facilities with modern amenities and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. While in some regions camping in just a sleeping bag or a tent may prove difficult due to cold temperatures, rainy periods, high relative humidity, a glamping pod shelters from the elements. LED lights under the benches add a touch of glam and a full panoramic window lends itself to spectacular views in any weather conditions. The experience can be further amped up with the addition of a hot tub – imagine spending the day hiking and returning to a cozy glamping pod and a steaming hot tub. See our products here.


Holiday pod cabins for adventure hotels

Wooden pod cabins are a great solution for holiday accommodation installations in secluded places. Parks, mountainous areas, thick forests are not ideal for big hotels, whereas pod cabins are very compact, yet can house 4-6 people. In addition, wooden pod cabins are also available as assembly kits, for difficult of access locations. Whether you are planning a holiday accommodation in a forest clearing, on a lakeside or in any mountainous location, the flat-packed camping pod can be transported virtually anywhere and its straightforward design ensures easy assembly. Your guests will be charmed by the experience of staying so close to nature.

Camping pod with a hot tub

Charming camping pod in your own back garden

Wooden camping pods are not only for commercial use – it can enhance any private garden as well. In case of often having guests sleep over, the lack of space can be easily outmaneuvered with the addition of a compact camping pod. The wooden pod cabin would be tremendous fun for the children as well! The pods are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 m length to suit different space requirements and possibilities. For reference, a 4 m camping pod can easily house 4 beds, whereas a 5 m with proper interior layout can house up to 6 people. The interior of the camping pod is highly customisable; the usual configuration is a raised bed in the back-end and two benches on either side in the front-end. The camping pod can be equipped with a double glass door to maximise natural light.

Whether you are planning a holiday accommodation or a quaint escape in your own back garden, the camping pod is an easy and convenient choice and its wooden structure seamlessly blends in with the surroundings. Create your own outdoor haven with our camping pods!

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