A wooden hot tub is quite popular to own these days. It seems like more and more people are interested in having one for their garden. Not only does it look luxurious by itself, but in most cases, it even improves on the value of its surroundings as well. There are many variables that one must take into account when purchasing a hot tub, and one of the most common is the transportation of the hot tub.

When purchasing it may be difficult to consider the total size of a hot tub, and what it takes to maneuver one. Therefore, problems often arise, during the final stages of delivery.

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Manufacturing loading and arrangement of transportation

Naturally, when the manufacturing stage is over, transportation arrangements follow suit. Products are most often packaged onto a standard euro pallet and then loaded onto trucks of varying size.

Two of the most popular types of SPAs nowadays are the classic completely wooden SPAs and the new age polypropylene/fiberglass SPAs. The weights vary in correspondence to size, however fully wooden models are often considered to be heavier due to their large bottom plate. The bottom plate is most often the largest and heaviest part of the hot tub and can easily weight up to 100kg. In total, a wooden hot tub can weigh up to 300kg. Due to this, we do not recommend manual unloading. Even though it is possible and has been done many times before, it can cause problems or accidents resulting in damage to the SPA or worse – harm to the people carrying it. Contrarily, Polypropylene/Fiberglass tubs are often lighter due to their light internal liner and the lack of a heavy wooden plate at the bottom. These hot tubs generally range between 160-180kg and can be unloaded by hand a lot more frequently.

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Things to keep in mind when transporting wooden SPAs

The best case for transportation is always to get the SPA straight from the factory to the customer. That being said, this is not always the case or even achievable. Things like terminals can often cause issues as the goods need to be reloaded. During this process, many risks arise as the goods can be damaged due to improper handling or negligent operation of machinery.

Unloading at the delivery address

As mentioned previously, SPAs are often transported by various size trucks. Most commonly they are 17m long and quite massive. In many cases, clients are aware of the fact, that unloading, and placement of the goods is their responsibility. Unloading is most often carried out by a forklift, or small crane. It is important to make sure, that the machinery description and allowed weight limit matches the goods.

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