Every person desires to have a hot tub in their garden. For sure, it looks fancy, boosts up the total worth of the house and besides that, it gives plenty of unforgettable moments. However, there’re many things to consider before getting it and one of them is transportation. It’s obvious that wooden hot tub is a very big product. Therefore, there could be some problems regarding the transportation, especially unloading.

 Factory loading and preparation for transportation

After the product has been finished, it’s ready to be transported to your home. The preparation combines careful packing, placing on euro pallet vertically and loading to the truck manually or by machinery. Furthermore, wooden hot tubs can be divided into two different groups: completely made of wood or with polypropylene/fiberglass installation. Wooden hot tubs are much heavier compared with fiberglass/polypropylene ones and usually weight more than 200 kilograms. Even though, manual loading is possible but dangerous. On the other hand, the polypropylene/fiberglass hot tubs are much lighter, about 160-180 kilograms so, with few strong men it’s easy to move it.

How wooden hot tubs are being transported?

It is very important and significant that wood burning hot tub would be transported directly from factory to the client’s home. In any case, a client has to be always informed about the method of delivery.

Unloading at customer’s address

Hot tubs are usually being transported by a big truck, however, in some cases, it’s possible to bring them with a trailer. Most of the time clients are responsible for the unloading of the tubs, so we always advise to be well prepared.