With our hot tubs, you can enjoy winter time like never before. What can be better than steaming bath as the snow falls from the sky during a cold winter’s night? Enjoy this joyful activity all winter long by following our winter hot tub care guide.

Heating a hot tub during colder days

This process may seem easy but it will take longer than usual since both the initial water temperature and outside temperature are significant factors. It’s essential to remember to make sure to cover the tub while it is warming up.

When temperatures drop below zero

In countries where the thermometer shows sub-zero temperatures, one must make sure that water will not freeze. As we all know when water freezes, it expands and then it can cause a serious damage to the fibreglass or polypropylene lining, wooden panels, heaters and massage systems. You need to plan and think about it way ahead. Let’s imagine that the temperature drops to -5°C and the hot tub is filled to the top. If a person plans to use the hot tub the next day, water can be left in the hot tub. However, if the hot tub stays unused for a week or longer, then it is necessary to completely empty it.

When you want to empty the wooden hot tub completely, it not only means draining all the water out but also making sure there is no water left in various connections and hoses. You must check and not forget to look up for water residue in the heater.

In other cases, when the hot tub has an air bubble massage system installed, residual water from the pipes and hoses of this system needs to be blown out. First drain the tub completely, then turn on the air massage blower and leave it running for 5 to 7 minutes until all of the residual water runs out.


Bain nordique en fibre de verre thermo bois Royal


When you decide to hibernate the hot tub for all upcoming winter

If you’re planning to use the tub just in the spring, the winter preparation is necessary. First of all, water must be drained completely from the tub, its heater, massage systems and other connections. It doesn’t matter what kind of hot tub you have: fibreglass, polypropylene or wooden one. If there is an external water release tap installed, then you should think how safely you could isolate it from the coldness. Everything should be disconnected: all the filters, message pumps or any other spa equipment, and put somewhere inside the house so that you could easily use it again during the warmer season.

Besides, the summertime requires leaving at least 10 cm of water in the tub to avoid shrinkage. During winter time, the percentage of the air humidity is very high, that’s why in countries where the climate is much colder, wooden tubs can be left to sit empty.

All in all :

1) keep the hot tub cover on when heating it up;

2) plan ahead – if you are about to use the hot tub very frequently, water will not freeze and you don’t need to empty it;

3) if the tub would sit unused for longer, empty it;

4) enjoy your hot tub during the winter months.

We wish you happy and satisfying bathing!