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The most important thing is to prepare the floors for the wood-fired hot tub. The first thing to do is to pick the right site for this job. Surely the base should be flat and stable. Failing to do so, putting the hot tub on some kind of incline will likely result in cracking after you filled water inside. The usual question is, what kind of material should I use for right flooring installation? The base can be made of concrete, wooden panels. You can also put the wooden hot tub on the pavement directly or use gravel underneath. Looking for longevity, concrete would fit best here. It must be noted that air should circulate under the hot tub, otherwise mould could occur.

Seats comfort in a wooden hot tub

Hot tub from popypropylene with wooden benches

Once you have successfully installed the hot tub, the most important thing will be to sit comfortably. There are 3 main benches available. Wooden, open or closed polypropylene type. Wooden benches, indeed, feel the most natural ones, but they lack in longevity. After a while they start to move and also mold could occur. If the customer chooses a hot tub made completely of wood, then wooden benches are the only option. It is not the case with polypropylene (PP) hot tubs. In this case, there are two possibilities: open or closed PP benches. What are the main differences? Open PP benches give more legroom. You can stretch your legs under the benches. On the contrary, open type PP benches are more difficult to clean. The pros of closed PP benches is easier to maintain, to clean and also they help saving water. It has been calculated that having closed type of benches, one can save up to 20 % of water. Sometimes this is very important. All benches are built in approx. 30 cm of height, so seating is very comfortable. Having in mind that the total height of hot tub is 105 cm and the water level is about 90 cm, so benches are in perfect position. However, if you feel that benches are too low or too high, rest assure they can be readjusted. This only concerns wooden benches.

Hot tub from polypropylene with open benches