Hot tub looks very tempting, while you decide to buy your own. But taking the firsts steps toward owning a hot tub may seem very frustrating, but there’s no need to be stressed about that, everything is very simple.  As any big purchase, it demands considering many options. There are so many questions you should ask yourself while discovering which hot tub features matter the most.


Decide where to place your hot tub


Even though choosing a hot tub may include many factors which can make a difference: access to changing rooms, privacy, landscaping, and the view from the tub. One of the most important is the scene of the hot tub because it brings an aesthetic enhancement to your garden and should be placed on a well-prepared base. Can’t decide where to put your hot tub? There are few options: put your tub on a firm foundation, whether a deck or patio with a cement pad, concrete pavers or brick. The tub can also even be equipped with your deck or terrace or custom-built terrace model. But be careful and avoid leaving all sides of your hot tub exposed, instead, use existing walls and railings to hide multiple sides, then mask what remains with an enclosure from matching material. Still, don’t know where you want to put your tub? Find out more examples how to prepare a base for your hot tub.


Fibreglass and polypropylene compared to wooden hot tubs


But what’s the difference between those two? Which one is better? The answer is simple – wooden hot tub models are all natural. Wood is a natural material and