If you decided to buy a hot tub, it’s very important to think about every single detail, that everything would work. The base preparation is something that all hot tub owners should consider in advance. In the following steps, we present you the main factors which must be considered when you start planning a base for your hot tub.

Stability and evenness

The most important requirement is a solid and well-leveled base. The base must be strong enough to hold a full of water and people hot tub and the level has to be even. It doesn’t mean that it can only be made from concrete because there’re plenty of options to choose from that provide the same level of stability.

Wooden terrace


There’s a big variety of materials: gravel, paving units, tiles, wooden constructions. The choice really depends on the owner’s preference and of course, the even well-equipped base can improve the overall view. Here, we present you some of the best ideas from our clients.

Paving units

Air circulation

Air circulation is also very important in the qualitative usage of the hot tub. This is another key factor, especially when it comes to wooden hot tubs. To be able to use the hot tub for a very long time it would be the best if you could rise the hot tub. In this case, air would circulate freely under the bottom and moisture would easily evaporate. Another thing is the place of the hot tub. For Polypropylene (PP) and Fiberglass tubs there’s no difference but for wooden tubs, this is something to consider. The shade helps algae to grow, that’s why it is highly recommended to set up the base for a wooden hot tub in a sunnier spot.

Plastic vintage hot tub with outdoor oven

Tiles + Gravel