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Hi Albert
I hadn’t forgotten! Finally got the decking finished and hot tub fully operational. Have to say we are highly delighted with it. Better than imagined. The construction was straightforward but the last stave was difficult. Bit of leakage to start with until the wood had time to swell overnight but now stopped. Had to install additional power cable as pump and filter plus bubble machine draw about 6kw. Think the hot tub looks great next to sauna!   Thanks once again   Martin and Tracie   Igloo Outdoor Sauna And Wood Fired Wooden Hot Tub, Philip, Selston, UK  
Igloo outdoor sauna and wood-fired wooden hot tub, Philip, Selston, UK
To Albert, Victoria, Ona and all the TimberIN team, We received our beautifully manufactured Sauna and Hot Tub at the weekend. Due to the very inclement weather for this time of year, we will have to store them in my garage until conditions improve 🙁 Thank you to everyone at TimberIn for their time and help in producing these fabulous products and thanks to the delivery drivers for their help, assistance, and good humour during the offload. Many thanks to you all and best wishes for the future. We look forward to many happy years of Sauna and Hot Tub use. Kind Regards,
Martin & Anna   Outdoor Barrel Sauna And A Wood Fired Hot Tub, Martin, Boardee Co. Cork, Ireland
Outdoor barrel sauna and a wood-fired hot tub, Martin, Boardee Co. Cork, Ireland

HI Albert,

It’s Lisa from France. I have now the good photo for you.

The hot tub is nice but I have difficult to maintain the water clean L

If you have some recommendation for me, you are welcome.

Sorry for the delay but I have some more urgent troubleshooting to correct in my company 😉



  Fiberglass Lined Hot Tub With Integrated Burner Wellness Royal, Lisa, Cuinzier, France (2)
Fiberglass lined hot tub with integrated burner Wellness Royal, Lisa, Cuinzier, France
Dear Albertas, Please find some pictures attached. As mentioned I mounted the sauna trailer. For the belts, I mounted special supports on the barrel. These are made from stainless steel and they fit well to your polished belts. The sauna is equipped with a battery and a sinus converter to supply your lights and lights I mounted by myself. Next step will be to equip the trailer with a water tank, a pump, and a shower, During our first sauna session, it was snowing. J Best Regards Hans   Outdoor Garden Sauna, Hans, Sörup, Germany (2) Outdoor Garden Sauna, Hans, Sörup, Germany (3)
Outdoor garden sauna, Hans, Sörup, Germany
Dear Albertas, All fitted and working a treat!!! Thank you so SO much for all your help and of course for the superb heater. My partner is an artist blacksmith and has made the hot tub, he is so pleased with the great quality of your heater. We have another tub that will need an integral heater, later in the year, there will not be a mad hurry for that one, I promise!!!! I will contact you prior to us ordering. Kindest Gabbie & Ricky   External Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater, Gabrielle, Herefordshire, UK (3) External Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater, Gabrielle, Herefordshire, UK (1)  
External Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater, Gabrielle, Herefordshire, UK
Hi Albert, I tried posting my photos to your posts on Facebook or web page. If it’s ok can you guide me or if you can add great. I can’t express just how helpful and professional the team are at TimberIN. I admit I was nervous ordering but with some helpful advice and chatting on the phone. I ordered. Both Sauna and tub arrived at the west coast of Ireland ahead of schedule and even better quality than pictures can show. I still have some finishing touches to complete around but so happy I went for it. Live life folks. Thanks, team TimberIN   Cheers Paul   Outdoor Sauna Iglu + Wood Fired Hot Tub With Integrated Wood Burner, Wellness Royal, Paul, Sligo, Ireland (1) Outdoor Sauna Iglu + Wood Fired Hot Tub With Integrated Wood Burner, Wellness Royal, Paul, Sligo, Ireland (4) Outdoor Sauna Iglu + Wood Fired Hot Tub With Integrated Wood Burner, Wellness Royal, Paul, Sligo, Ireland (3)
Outdoor sauna Iglu + wood-fired hot tub with integrated wood burner, Wellness Royal, Paul, Sligo, Ireland
Hello Albert, As I promised.... here are pics of the jacuzzi well arrived in South Africa yesterday.... Couldn’t go through our gate garden... so went up above the wall !!! Flying jacuzzi all around the world..... and found its place in this spot... especially ready for it !!! Can’t wait to warm it now...... That is a part of the garden... As you want to visit South Africa and Barrydale...little paradise...   Wood Fired Hot Tub With Integrated Heater, Wellness Deluxe Christian, Barrydale, South Africa (1) Wood Fired Hot Tub With Integrated Heater, Wellness Deluxe Christian, Barrydale, South Africa (2)  
Wood fired hot tub with integrated heater, wellness Deluxe Christian, Barrydale, South Africa

Dear Albert,

Thank you for your info, I managed it.

Greetings and all the best for 2018,


  Barrel Sauna 4 M, Thermowood With Full Panorama Glass, Bart , Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands (2) Barrel Sauna 4 M, Thermowood With Full Panorama Glass, Bart, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands (1) Barrel Sauna 4 M, Thermowood With Full Panorama Glass, Bart, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands (3)      
Barrel sauna 4 M, thermowood with full panorama glass, Bart, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Hi, thank you for the help I had during the purchase of this hot tub.  I must say, it was very easy to put together, I was concerned at the amount it leaked when I first assembled, but it was fine after 2 days.  We have used it twice and now can finish the area I put it so it all looks good.  Plenty of spare parts and the delivery guys did a very good job in getting it down my drive in kit form.   Best regards,   Simon  
Wooden hot tub, basic model, self-assembly kit, Simon, Essex, UK
Wooden hot tub, basic model, self-assembly kit, Simon, Essex, UK
Hi Albertas Feedback and pictures as requested. When I started looking for a wood-fired sauna I mainly found companies selling barrel saunas. Once I found TimberIN’s website with their igloo sauna I was impressed by the design and space inside compared to the barrel sauna. Initially, I was unsure about buying from abroad but after a few initial email conversations with Albertas I felt comfortable enough to proceed. The order process was simple and made easy by using PayPal also giving me extra peace of mind in case of any problems. I even asked Albertas if some changes could be made to raise one of the benches to create a higher platform. The order process proceeded as described by TimberIN. They contacted me once the sauna was ready to ship and an agreed delivery date was arranged. The delivery driver called an hour before delivery to ensure I was at home. The 2 guys who delivered the sauna were very helpful and polite and unloaded it where I requested. I ordered my sauna flat packed as I was unable to get the sauna to its position using a forklift. The instructions that came with the sauna were basic and construction was relatively straightforward although I would not recommend this for a novice as construction requires a reasonable level of competence and the appropriate tools. Construction was completed over 2 days although I did take my time ensuring that I made a professional job.   The wood-fired heater is very efficient and more than capable of heating the space to a good temperature. The sauna is ready to use after about 30 minutes and stays hot for about an hour if you do not feed the fire any further. I have now used the sauna on 3 occasions since construction and I am very happy with the product that I selected. The overall experience of dealing with TimberIN has been a good one and I could not recommend purchasing from them highly enough. The highest recommendation I can give is that if someone asked me if I would buy another product from TimberIN I would without hesitation say yes and I would feel very comfortable knowing I would receive a top quality product at a competitive price. Any initial doubts I had regarding purchasing a sauna from abroad have been proved by TimberIN to be unfounded. Thank you Albertas and your team.  
2 m small outdoor sauna Iglu with wood-fired "Harvia" heater, Peter Gales, Hertfordshire, UK 2 m small outdoor sauna Iglu with wood-fired "Harvia" heater, Peter Gales, Hertfordshire, UK

2 m Small Outdoor Sauna Iglu With Wood-Fired "Harvia" Heater, Peter, Hertfordshire, UK
Hi Albert,
Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending these but we now have some pictures!!!! I hope you like them and feel free to use them on your website. If I take any more I will, of course, send them through.
Kind Regards,
  Wooden outdoor in thermowood deluxe, Charley , Sardent, France
Wooden outdoor in thermowood deluxe, Charley, Sardent, France
Wooden hot tub outdoor in thermowood deluxe, Charley, Sardent, France
Hello Albert, Yes, it is working. Here are some photos. If you would like to use them on your website, please leave the logo and link to Alauzon - www.alauzon.com. Thanks   Polypropylene Lined Outdoor SPA, Adrian, France Polypropylene Lined Outdoor SPA, Adrian, France
Polypropylene lined Outdoor SPA, Adrian, Buis-les-Baronnies, France
Dear Albertas Overall we are happy with the hot tub, and have been enjoying it over the last few weekends. Best John Fiberglass Lined Hot Tub With Integrated Burner Thermo Wood Wellness Royal, John, Kent, UK
Fiberglass lined hot tub with integrated burner thermo wood Wellness Royal, John, Kent, UK
Smallshaw Spa enjoying it’s new wood-fired tub in its new outdoor space. Fantastic service from start to finish and a perfect product compliments our Spa perfectly. Fiberglass Lined Hot Tub With Integrated Burner Thermo Wood Wellness Royal, James, Sheffield, UK
Fiberglass lined hot tub with integrated burner thermo wood Wellness Royal, James, Sheffield, UK
Thanks for your email! And thanks too for the hot tub. It is beautiful and we are heating it up right now. Once everything is well setup and ready I will send you another picture.  

Kind regards,


Wooden Outdoor Spa In Thermowood Deluxe, Jeroen, Enschedends, The Netherlands2
Wooden outdoor spa in thermowood Deluxe, Jeroen, Enschedends, The Netherlands
Morning Albert   Please find attached a couple of photos of the completed building but as yet the electrics have yet to be completed due to our holiday. We are really pleased with it. We still have other work to do in the garden so areas look a bit of a mess.   Regards   Philip and Tracie Outdoor Sauna Igloo, Philip, Nottingham, UK (1)
Outdoor Sauna Igloo, Philip, Nottingham, UK
Hi Albert, What is the procedure for keeping the wood in good shape? I did not receive any oil so assume that standard wood oil annually will do the trick. Otherwise a great investment and compliments our tented spa and sauna area very well. You can follow the progress of the spa on  Theamanispa.com If you would like me to handle your product this far south in Europe, I would be glad to. Let me know if this could be an opportunity. I think that your product is very competitive. Cheers Mark Fiberglass Lined Outdoor Spa With Integrated Heater Spruce Wellness Deluxe, Mark, Patitiri, Greece (1)
Fiberglass lined outdoor spa with integrated heater Spruce Wellness Deluxe, Mark, Patitiri, Greece
Morning Albert,   Yes we have finally got the truck and sauna up and running this weekend. I used the sauna on Saturday night and is superb. Look up “littlewoodlife” on Instagram on your phone, and click on stories and you will see it in action last night. You will need to do this in next few hours!! I have attached a few photos of truck and sauna and then shower going in. Will try and get you some better ones in next few days. We are also looking to purchase a wood hot tub. Please could you recommend the best one with external wood heater for approx. 6 people? We will be using it for people staying in the cottages and glamping truck so needs to be easy to maintain but must still look as natural as possible.   Many thanks Gavin Outdoor Sauna Barrel Thermo Wood, Gavin, Lisburn, UK (1) Outdoor Sauna Barrel Thermo Wood, Gavin, Lisburn, UK (2) Outdoor Sauna Barrel Thermo Wood, Gavin, Lisburn, UK (3) Outdoor Sauna Barrel Thermo Wood, Gavin, Lisburn, UK (5)
Outdoor Sauna Barrel Thermo Wood, Gavin, Lisburn, UK
Hi Albert, Tub has been installed & had its first trial last night, all's working great. Thanks again for all. Regards, Xavier   Wellness Royal Hot Tub, Xavier, Sligo, Ireland (3) Wellness Royal Hot Tub, Xavier, Sligo, Ireland (1) Wellness Royal Hot Tub, Xavier, Sligo, Ireland (4)
Wellness Royal Hot Tub, Xavier, Sligo, Ireland
Hi to all at Timberin! I have attached some photos of the finished sauna, I hope it looks ok to you. We are very pleased with it and have had lots of lovely comments, most people say it's " Awesome!" It would be great if you put one or 2 photos on the website. We have placed the sauna on decking and have a Lazy-spa hot tub next to it as well, you should be able to see this on some of the photos. The sauna will be wired up this week so we can finally use it, we are really looking forward to that! Best wishes Sarah Outdoor Iglu Sauna, Sarah, Northamptonshire, UK (2)
Outdoor Iglu Sauna, Sarah, Northamptonshire, UK
Hi Albert, We were initially a little worried about purchasing our hot tub from abroad but the excellent communication from Albert, Deimante, Ona and the team and the partial protection offered by Paypal reassured us. The hot-tub was ready to our specification within exactly the timeframes promised and a date for delivery was arranged within a week of our final payment being sent. The delivery driver from the Lithuanian courier company they used was very helpful and spoke perfect English which helped as we live in quite a difficult to find location. We opted for a Siberian Larch 2m diameter tub and although we went for the more basic model, I was very impressed with the build quality and all the fittings and pipework is obviously good quality. We had the tub fitted to the wood burner in little over an hour and all pipework etc was included. As with all wood hot tubs, there was a small amount of leakage for the first few days where the sides meet the base (none at all seeping from the sides) but after a couple of very toasty evenings, the leaks have completely stopped. (They recommend throwing in a bag of sawdust initially to help plug tiny gaps but in the end, we didn't need to do this.) All in all, everything went very well for us and value for money was excellent (even with the poor exchange rate of the GBP at the moment). I would definitely recommend TimberIn. John. Wales, UK
Wooden outdoor SPA in larch, John, Welshpool, UK
Hi Albert, We are very pleased with our new hot tub which is now in place with its decking as you see in the picture. I do have a couple of questions though - Is it possible to order a new insulated cover? we have the very nice looking wooden lid but it is incredibly heavy and I wonder if there is a lighter alternative we could have? we are STILL waiting to get an electrician to install the electrics. Overall we are very pleased! Thank you. Tin
Polypropylene lined Outdoor SPA, Tin, Brecon, UK
We ordered a hot tub from TimberIn in January.  We couldn't be happier with the service we received from start to finish. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful.  The hot tub arrived ahead of schedule, and our glamping customers are wowed by it. Thank you Albert.
Wooden outdoor spa in thermowood Deluxe, Yonder, Devon, United Kingdom
Hello Alberto, Many thanks and we love it. It keeps in the temperature with the lid shut for many hours. Linda
Polypropylene lined Outdoor SPA, Linda, Tolmin, Slovenia
Dear TimberIN Team, Many thanks to the whole team at TimberIN. We are really pleased with our wood burning hot tub. The delivery was on time and efficient, although I would stress to people taking delivery to ensure you have lots of friends to help move it and/or equipment on hand if it needs to go over a fence. We were 9 people in the end who manoeuvred the hot tub into position through a very tight gate hole and it was no easy job. We had the tub up and running within hours and have been surprised how often we're using it even after the initial honeymoon period. The quality and craftsmanship are great and unlike other more conventional 'plastic' hot tubs we saw it really does look great. So far all members and ages of the family have enjoyed it, from our nephews splashing around over Christmas, to Grandma relaxing under the stars with a drink on hand in the 'bar'. We're looking forward to many years of fun use to come! Tom and Family Tom, Polypropylene Lined Outdoor SPA, Bishop's Stortford, UK (2)
Tom, Polypropylene lined Outdoor SPA, Bishop's Stortford, UK
Hi Albert I have installed the stove. It works brilliantly. As you can see from the photo there is a lot of work still to do. I have to build a timber deck and clad the tub with wood. Best of luck With Timberin in 2017 Regards Mairtin in West of Ireland
OUT Round Heater, Mairtin,Galway, Ireland
We are very pleased with our barrel sauna – the view from the glass window is amazing. We have got the temperature up to 90 deg C so it is working nicely. The sauna is very good quality. Because of the space we were building it in we had the sauna delivered unassembled and we had a local handyman assemble it. Thank you for your help and advice when required it was appreciated. Regards Anthony Outdoor Sauna Barrel With Panoramic Window, Anthony UK Austria (1) Outdoor Sauna Barrel With Panoramic Window, Anthony, UK Austria (2) Outdoor Sauna Barrel With Panoramic Window, Anthony, UK Austria (3)
Outdoor sauna Barrel with panoramic window, Anthony, UK/Austria
A hot tub is an object of beauty. It is very well made and a pleasure to use and look at. It takes a LOT of wood to get it up to temperature - and the fire needs constant attention during heating. This is understandable - but I hadn't thought about it before. I will probably add an electric heater in order to make the heating process easier. A forklift is not always easy to get hold of - but we did manage to get one. Without it we would not have got it off the lorry. It then took 5 of us and a substantial trolley to move it. 400KG and 2.5m high on a pallet is not to be underestimated! Peter
Thermowood Deluxe Hot Tub with inside heater, Peter, Rodersdorf, Schweiz
I have been delighted with the service from TimberIN, great attention to detail and technically superior to others I had examined. The slow grown timber from the north is stronger and looks much better. The guidance given by TimberIN was invaluable in picking the best options. The team at TimberIN from design to flawless delivery was exemplary and I can recommend them. Peter Outdoor barrel sauna Galashiels, UK (4) Outdoor barrel sauna Galashiels, UK (1) Outdoor barrel sauna Galashiels, UK (2) Outdoor barrel sauna Galashiels, UK (3)
Outdoor barrel sauna, Peter , Galashiels, UK
Dear Albert as you know I was nervous ordering a hot tub from outside the UK, in the end it all worked out well and the tub is well used by all the family. It is far easier to use than we expected. We will light the fire on a Friday and keep it with little effort it is good all weekend. I hope that helps Cheers Scott
Richard, Midlothian, Scotland
Hello, its Olivier from London. The sauna is great, I am just going to modify it a bit. I am going to make the place where you sit higher to get more steam access. I will make other better pictures and will send soon. Regards Olivier Olivier, London, UK (1)
Olivier, London, UK

I liked the look of Timberin's saunas and was concerned about the practicability of buying from a company I did not know in far away Lithuania. With Albert's help, I arranged a visit to an existing UK customer so that I could see what I the products were like. They were better than I had imagined and so the purchase decision was made. I ordered two saunas and the ordering process worked surprisingly smoothly. After creating an account on-line I was able to discuss my specific requirements. Albert really listened to what I wanted was most helpful in generating a specification that met my needs. Payments were made using a bank transfer and this process again was done entirely on-line. The actual saunas arrived within one week of the final payment. Timberin used their own driver who spoke adequate English and knew what he was doing. I did need to hire a suitable tractor with fork lift to get the saunas off the truck and trailer before moving them to the correct location. The entire process went well.

Best regards Richard
Richard, Northamptonshire, UK
Hi Albert, I’m going to give you more than one photo so that you can choose the one you want. Here is the text: Thank you, Albert! Timberin make a wonderful hot tub! I chose the Thermawood 1800mm model and it is just what I wanted, at a really good price. We happily get 6 adults in and could get more. It looks beautiful with lovely curved steps going up to it. My guests and friends just love it, and it has been in use almost continuously since the guys delivered it and I had a chance to fill and heat it. The heating is straightforward, and I can use up all sorts of waste wood on it which I can’t use in the log burners (wood with nails, softwood logs etc). I can really recommend Timberin. Diana Clarke – High Swinside Holiday Cottages. Diana

Diana, Cockermouth, Cumbria (2) Diana, Cockermouth, Cumbria (1)

Diana, Cumbria, UK
Hi Albert, I hope that all is well. Please see pictures attached. Here are my comments that you are free to add to your website as my testimonial: “Throughout the entire ordering process, Albert and his team couldn’t have been any more helpful with guidance, answering my many questions and keeping me updated throughout the manufacture and transport of my hot tub. When it arrived, the driver and his assistant were extremely helpful and hard-working with a “challenging” logistical problem of getting the hot tub into my garden. Now that it is here, it is wonderful! It has been very difficult to get my wife out of the hot tub for the past week since it has arrived, and many family members have also come over to share in the fun! If you are considering purchasing one of these products, I would highly recommend Albert and his team. The tub is of high quality and compared to others I looked at it was a very reasonable price. Thank you TimberIN!”   Chris, Rowledge, UK(4) Chris, Rowledge, UK(1) Chris, Rowledge, UK(3)
Chris, Rowledge, UK
Hi Albert, Apologies for the delay. We were waiting for the bluebells. See attached. Matt Sent from my Windows Phone Matthew, East Sussex, UK (4) Matthew, East Sussex, UK (2) Matthew, East Sussex, UK (3)
Matthew, East Sussex, UK
Hi Albert Sorry for the delay. The hot tub is great and we have had many nights under the stars! Thanks R Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc Stoke-on-Trent United Kingdom Richard, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom (4) Richard, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom (1) Richard, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom (2)
Richard, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

We ordered one of TimberIN's beautiful barrel sauna's after numerous emails and phone call discussions about our specific requirements with their very helpful team. After all their patience and help, we decided to go ahead and buy a sauna. We transferred the first payment, and then due to unforeseen circumstances with our Community Interest Company finances we decided we needed to cancel the sauna order. TimberIN have been amazing throughout. They answered my numerous emails requesting information and reassurance speedily, and helpfully. The whole team there are obviously dedicated to the work they do and the great service they provide- TimberIN is not just another company selling saunas and hot tubs, they are craftspeople and understand what it is to offer quality of service and customer satisfaction. They know how to put the customer's needs first- something rare in todays business world.

Thanks you TimberIN for all your help, support and understanding, I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone looking for your products.

www.thelivingwellcentre.co.uk Thank you again for all your help Rachel 01736 810660 longhouse meeting space interior
Rachel, thelivingwellcentre.co.uk
Dear Albert, Yes we are very pleased with the hot tub, it is well made and looks lovely. We have installed it on our wooden terrace next to the ski piste. In the early evening with snow falling all around it is a truly magical experience. A hugh thank you to you and your team! many thanks, Phil Sent from my iPad
Philip, LE GRAND BORNAND, France
Dear Albert Thank you so much sorry for the late reply. The hot tub is up and running and works perfectly heats with 2 bags of logs and we had no leaks . we have had some great times already the kids love it. I have included a couple of photos for you. some of the screws have needed re-screwing but nothing major. we could do with a care guide to let us know how to keep it at its best long term but overall it has been fantastic. The customer service has been excellent and as it is the first time I have ever bought directly from a company abroad I was apprehensive and so every time I contacted you for an update you were prompt and reassuring I would definitely recommend you. Best wishes. 🙂 Claire
Claire, Devon, England
Dear Albert, My Sauna arrived at the depot yesterday at 20.00 Hrs, the delay was mostly due to the illegal immigrants in Calais causing all trucks to be examined. The sauna seems to be very well built, and is a very nice design with an interesting and appealing look to it. It may take a week or so to place in the spot I have for it, but I will send you pictures etc, when this is done. Many Thanks to your team for their good work. Yours sincerely, Steve
Steve, Isle of Wight, England
The drivers were great. After arriving at 8am and a quick coffee we all went about working out how to get the tub into place over 100 yards through the garden. They were with me until 9.30 and ensured it was in the correct place. The tub looks good. At the weekend we set about installing the filter plus the external log burner, as well as filling up the tub with water. The log burner is a great feature, although you do have to be careful to have dry quality wood otherwise there is a lot of smoke! The kids have already enjoyed the tub, and love it. We look forward to when the thermo wood has settled and properly sealed itself in the next month. We are sure we will get years of use from the tub on starry nights in winter and summer, both relaxing with friends or having fun with the kids; the simplicity of the workmanship makes it an attractive addition to our outdoor space. Thank you Kind regards Lloyd
Lloyd, Bovingdon Herts, UK
Thank you, quality is fantastic, service was also great. We are really happy with the sauna, it is very well made. William / Nia

Good morning Albert,

I've attached some photographs showing the hot tub in its final place. As you'll see I've yet to fully finish the decking but it's pretty much there. The hot tub is exactly what we were looking for and the build quality is fantastic. As per previous feedback on your website, the whole service from order to delivery was brilliant. Everyone at TimberIn was very helpful and professional. The hot tub eventually reached the end of it's journey (Kaunas to Insch, NE Scotland) late on a Thursday night. However the delivery drivers could not have been more helpful in ensuring the tub was properly installed before they left. We lit the hot tub that weekend during a family barbecue. Everyone was very impressed and couldn't wait to try it out - adults and kids all had a great time. It keeps it's temperature very well which is aided by the lid supplied. It's a great addition to our new home and we're very happy with it. Thanks again Murray
Murray, Insch, NE Scotland
Hello Albert, Just to say a big thank you for my hot tub. 😎 You made it so simple to purchase from you; your service and product is excellent. You and Ruta were always there to answer my calls promptly, from start to finish a perfect transaction. Thank you for your professionalism, I endorse your company and product without hesitation. I will forward more photos in due course Best regards Michael
Michael, Kingston upon thames, UK
Hi Albert Hot tub installed and already used by family and friends. Good experience dealing with yourselves and would highly recommend your company All the best Gary
Gary, Londonderry, IRELAND

Dear Albert

Please find attached our photo of our new installed tub.

We are over the moon with our new tub. It was delivered by the nicest delivery guys, it was easy to assemble and within a few hours it was hot enough to use. Already in just over 24 hours the kids have had great fun and the adults have enjoyed sitting under the stars. Another amazing attribute to these high quality tubs is that you can literally put them anywhere. Even the smell of burning wood wafting over adds to the overall experience. The price is amazing and we will no doubt be buying another for our holiday cottage business very soon. Thank you.

Thanks Albert and please make sure you praise your delivery guys too they represent your company perfectly. So efficient and polite.

Kind regards


Angela, Hinton Grange, Grove Lane, UK
Hello Albert, The Hot tub is now installed and working. We are very happy with it so far. You are welcome to use these pictures though I see you now have many pictures on your web site. There is some construction work to tidy things up and when done, I can let you have some more pictures with people using it and a tidier surround, if you would like this. Many thanks Charles
Charles, Flintshire, UK
Hi Albert Hope you had a good weekend. As promised, here are some pictures of the hot tub - operational at last. We only filled it up this weekend. Some feedback for you which I am happy for you to put in your promotional material: - the hot tub is really beautiful and high quality - we are really pleased with the larch wood option - the outside burner is very easy to use and our water was 35C within 4 hours and 42 in 5.5 hrs! - waiting for the tub to heat up is part of the excitement - the wood smells incredible - a really natural experience - as a family i think we will get years of enjoyment from the hot tub - we have placed it at the bottom of our garden in a wooded area - and once the grass and plants grow around it - I think it will be the perfect natural experience for summer and winter days/nights. Kind regards Rachel
Rachel,Oxfordshire England
Good evening Ruta and Albert I am just letting you know that we have received our sauna! Many thanks for everything, it looks great! Unfortunately, we will not be able to use it for a while as we had difficulties getting it off the lorry as it was a lot heavier than we thought so our forklift was not strong enough. We have had to unload it at my husband's fathers farm and it will have to stay there until harvest has taken place and we can put it into place with a larger machine which will mean we are only moving it once, so it does not get damaged. However please rest assured we have unloaded it and it is safe here! I have sent you a photo of the sauna on the trailer and where we will situate it. I will send you more when we finally have it in its right home! We are very excited to use it and are impressed with the quality of workmanship we have seen so far, obviously, we have not been able to test it out fully yet. Kind regards Anna Sent from my iPad
Anna, Iglu Sauna, Garboldisham, England
Albert and his team at TimberIN were professional and helpful all the way through, and the tub was delivered exactly as planned. It looks great and works very well. I opted for an electric water heating system and this works well, but we have not yet resolved how to control the temperature automatically. Best regards Rino
Rino, Herts, UK
Hello Albert, I have nearly finished the installation. I have had the tub working and can report that I am very pleased and it works well. The pipes supplied were too short to allow it to be connected at a right angle but it was easy to source some more. The area I have put the hot tub in has required a lot of landscaping and some building work so I can supply pictures now but I would suggest that is about two weeks the whole are will look green again and the building work will be completed and hence make a much better picture! Let me know if you are happy with this, otherwise I can photograph as is? [border] Hi Albert, Sorry for the delay. Please find attached a picture of the hot tub as it is. The area around it does at least now look green but as you can see there are still various bit to finish. I hope this is of use and I will send some more when it is completed in a few more weeks (steps, water, building next to it) when hopefully it will show it off much better. Best, James On Behalf of South Farm
James, Bassingbourn, UK
TimberIN is very happy to have some clients from sunny Spain, Thank you Pedro! Hola: Recibí la tina en el tiempo prometido y eso que la entrega era en un lugar remoto. Sin sorpresas, todo de calidad. Espero disfrutarla muchos años. Genial sustitutivo de piscina para casa de campo con el aliciente de poder usarla todo el año.
Pedro, Guadalajara, Spain
Hi TimberIN , we have had lots of interest from friends so have shared your web page , hope you get at least a couple of enquiries. Will post some photos soon when i can get the wife to keep her clothes on 😉 Apart from some sap problems, we cannot fault it .   Martin
Martin, Nottinghamshire, UK